Why Skate? A Poem by Elizabeth

by Andrea on August 20, 2012

Elizabeth Ice Show 2012

Elizabeth, my 12 year old, aka “Delightfulness”, because she is.

When Elizabeth was 2 she watched as her older sister started skating classes. She couldn’t wait till she was old enough to start taking classes too! After she turned 4 and was eligible for Tot classes, I signed her up. Her I-can’t-wait-to-start enthusiasm all of a sudden turned into reluctance. O.k., downright obstinacy. She refused to step on the ice. But eventually she did and a lovely little skater she has become. She recently wrote this poem about skating. I like it so much I thought I’d share.

Elizabeth after Ice Show 2012Why Skate?

Why Skate?

I can make a figure-eight.

To feel the breeze,

skate on a pond that will freeze.

To spin like a top

and not trapped in a pot.

To be fast like a fox,

                                                                      hips perfectly squared like a box.

                                                                        To fly down the ice like a bird,

                                                                          let my skates not be heard.

                                                                       To feel free and be me,

                                                                           pass levels as it should be.

                                                                          To enjoy skating more and more,

                                                                           I find myself never-ever bored.

                                                                             That’s why skate.

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Agniya August 21, 2012 at 3:45 am

What a little artist you have there.


Andrea August 22, 2012 at 8:26 pm

Thanks, Agniya!


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