Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2012-2013

by Andrea on September 7, 2012

We all know the new year really starts in September, right? Never mind the calendar year. If you have kids, it’s really September that counts. Even as a homeschooler, and even if you school year round, September still brings a shifting of gears. Church and sporting activities start up. It’s time to review, rethink, re-strategize, re-group, and renew yourself for a new season.

I am frequently asked about our curriculum choices for our kids. Meet the class and see what we’re doing for the 2012-2013 school year.


Kindergarten/1st Grade

Anabel just turned 6 and would be considered 1st grade in a traditional setting. We’re basically doing K-1 work. Last January we found out she needed glasses and then in April we began patching so there wasn’t a whole lot of book learning going on last year. This year Anabel is learning to read. By next year she should be able to jump into 2nd grade level books without any trouble.

3rd Grade

Leslie summer 2012Leslie just turned 8 and is essentially a 3rd-grader. She’s sharp as a tack, reads far above grade level, and one of her many strengths is in oral reading. She reads with such clarity and expression! Leslie also excels in physical activities and sports and is pretty self-motivated. Her biggest struggle is handwriting of all things.

5th Grade

Teo 5th gradeTeodor (Teo, pronounced Tay-o, for short) is my 10 year old 5th-grader. In the past year he’s become an avid reader, which has improved his reading and spelling skills a ton. Since his biggest struggle is in Math I have him do extra drills or log him on to Kahn Academy for supplemental work. He’s also got a penchant for sweets which means he can find practical application for math following recipes (methinks I have a pastry chef in my future)! Teo’s favorite sport is speedskating.

7th Grade

Elizabeth 7th gradeAlthough she’s the comic relief of our family, Elizabeth takes her schoolwork seriously. She’s pretty ambitious when it comes to finishing everything on her agenda, which is good since she’ll have a more vigorous academic year this since she’s a junior-higher now. Like her siblings, she’s pretty active. Her extra-curricular sport is skating on an ISI Senior Youth Synchronized Skating team.

8th Grade

 Carly, our oldest, is a voracious reader with a big vocabulary. She’s a bit of a grammar nazi but doesn’t like studying grammar at all. She’s extremely active and runs like a quarterhorse. Thoroughly dedicated to her favorite sport, she’s imposed on herself (and her sisters) a daily routine for building strength and flexibility off the ice to benefit her figure skating on the ice. Her extra-curricular sport is skating on a USFS Open Juvenile Synchronized Skating team.

  • LANGUAGE ARTS: BJUpress Writing & Grammar, BJUpress Literature, Wordly Wise 8
  • MATH: The Great Courses- Mathematics, math drills and review
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE/HISTORY: Carly is finishing BJUpress World Studies. She really likes BJU courses and I am considering having her continue with their Heritage Studies through high school. She would be starting their 8th grade The American Republic next. However, I am considering trying out Notgrass American History for 8th grade so that Elizabeth can use the curriculum too and then decide which curriculum will be better suited for each of the girls in high school. I figure if we try Notgrass, better to do it for 8th grade and then know what to do next year for high school. I’ll give an update once we decide!
  • PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Apologia General Science along with Knowledge Box Central’s companion Lapbook Journal (although I’m big on DIY things, I also purchased Nature’s Workshop Lab Kit and must say it was well worth the money!)
  • OTHER SUBJECTS: CRITICAL THINKING–Building Thinking Skills, FINE ARTS–various supplemental books, crafts, activities, etc., PHYS ED./HEALTH–strength and flexibility training, off-ice workouts, figure skating, cooking and practical application through living a vegetarian lifestyle, BIBLE






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