Keeping Track of All Those Cups!

by Andrea on August 4, 2012

A common problem in any house filled with kids is keeping track of cups. It used to be, once upon a time, that every time my kids wanted a drink, they’d get a cup out of the cupboard and quench their thirst. While I’m all for hydration, the problem was that their cups were promptly pitched into the sink with the dirty dishes or they’d set down their cups and forget which one belonged to whom. We would easily go through every cup in the house in one day before lunch. So I made a rule: you get one cup in the morning and use it all day. I don’t need any more dishes to wash! But keeping track of whose cup was whose was still a problem. They would often forget which cup they’d picked out for the day, or two or more kids would end up with identical cups and forget which was theirs.

My first solution to keeping track of cups was to simply take an index card and write each child’s name on a card. The card acted as a coaster, though not a very durable one. So I came up with this instead:

Laminated Coasters

I used a cd to trace circles around different color pieces of construction paper, cut them out and then gave each child a circle to decorate. Once they were decorated I laminated them to keep them waterproof and voila! Personalized color-coded coasters!

How do you keep track of all the cups in your house?

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