I Didn’t Buy My Daughter a Birthday Present

by Andrea on July 21, 2012

Not that I didn’t want to. She wants an American Girl doll. So does her big sister but their birthdays are only 5 days apart. At this time we simply can’t afford to buy an American Girl doll, let alone two of them. I couldn’t even find a deal on a used one needing a little tlc on craigslist or ebay that I could fit into the budget. Considering the fact that our emergency fund was eaten up by a new transmission for the van this left me with only one real option–make a gift and don’t buy anything.

Before Tiny got up in the morning, Carly and I took some little cardstock cutouts of little boys and girls she’d saved from a craft project and laminated them. I also made little half moon cutouts out of construction paper and laminated those with the cutouts. Once laminated we cut them out and I made a little slit in the bottom of each cutout and at the top of each half moon and slid them together, making them stand up.

My favorites are the two we drew glasses on before laminating. We picked the little girl most like Tiny and one of the little boys so the little girl wouldn’t be the only one with glasses.







Despite the fact these little cuties are definitely not an American Girl doll, they were a big hit. She really likes her little cast of characters. Tiny’s a big fan of little people and animals and is very content to play with them at the table. Since they’re also flat, they can be easily tucked in a purse or bag to take along when she wants or needs a quiet activity when we’re out somewhere. I’m so grateful that such a simple gift pleased my little girl so much. In fact, she told us, “This is my best birthday ever in my whole life so far!”

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