Goofy Mommy

by Andrea on May 19, 2012

My kids know I like coffee.  A lot.  They also know that when I drink coffee I like to drink it out of a REALLY BIG mug.  In fact, in my world there is no such thing as a small cup of coffee.  This is clearly evident by the question Elizabeth asked Leslie when they were playing coffee shop one day:

“Would you like your coffee large, extra large, huge, or giant today?”

Yesterday Leslie asked me about my REALLY BIG coffee mug:

I informed her it was purchased several years ago (before she was born) during a trip we took to Walt Disney World with her three older siblings. “It was meant for Daddy, but he doesn’t drink coffee so I started using it,” I told her.

Apparently Leslie thought my use of the mug thoroughly appropriate because she happily responded,  ”Well, Mommy, I’m glad you drink out of the Goofy coffee mug because you match. You’re like Goofy. I mean, you’re   a lot goofier than Daddy.”


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