Cut-to-the-Chase Friends

by Andrea on May 9, 2013

Last Sunday we finally made it to church. It had been weeks since we were last able to attend and it felt so good to go again. It’s always refreshing to see our friends and worship corporately with others and I miss it when we can’t get there on a Sunday.

I ended up in the nursery during the Sunday school hour, having gone there to change and feed the baby. I saw other moms I knew come and go and enjoyed the brief chatting that passed between us but there was one friend in particular that I enjoyed seeing more than all the rest. Church had ended, babies had been picked up and the nursery volunteers were tidying up. I was gathering up the diaper bag when my friend came in to change her toddler before heading home. Her husband and other kids were waiting in the hall.

I asked my friend how she was doing and she answered me. Honestly. She gave me a quick rundown of what had been going on in her life since we’d last seen one another and we parted ways a few short minutes later with a promise to keep one another in prayer. Before we parted she commented that she liked being able to “cut to the chase” with me. We didn’t need the obligatory chit chat out of the way before we got to the important stuff of life, matters of prayer. I felt the same way.

I thought about our short conversation and what it means to have friends like her. Cut-to-the-chase friends. It would be wonderful to have just one friend like that but as I thought about it I realized I am incredibly blessed to have a few like that. Each one of these women is a busy mom with a lot on her plate. Each one loves the Lord. Each one of them prays for me and I for them. And each one is low-maintenance. Low maintenance in the sense that our friendship isn’t threatened by a lack of contact for days, weeks, or even months in some cases. We pick up right where we left off when we do see or hear from one another and our friendship isn’t dependent on daily interaction. None of us has the time for any high-maintenance friends!

I appreciated my friend’s candor this past Sunday. And like her,  I appreciated that we could cut to the chase, bypass the fluff, and get to the heart of things quickly. The Lord is truly good to give busy moms friends like that. We are often depleted of energy, physically and mentally, meeting all the demands of our busy households. It’s refreshing not to have to expend energy on chit chat and just tell it like it is to another woman who will understand, encourage, and pray.

Thank You, God, for this dear sister in the Lord. Thank you for her friendship. And thank You for the other moms I’m blessed to know that are just like her. Thank you for my cut-to-the-chase friends.

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